Romanoverse® is a spin off of the Incidental Cougar Series by Author Summer Leigh.

Follow the Romano family: Luca, Sofia, Stefano, Giorgia & Gavin as they find themselves, heal their broken hearts, and find love.

LUCA Books 1 &2, GAVIN, SOFIA available now! Stefano and Giorgia coming Winter 2020. LUCA, LUCA 2, SOFIA, & STEFANO available exclusively on

LUCA – Book 1 of the Romanoverse®

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Heartless, toxic playboy, CEO on Wall Street and the fucking king of New York. Luca couldn’t be tamed… Italian, obnoxious, brash, aggressive, cocky, and used to getting exactly what he wanted. Chicks were nothing but tits and ass… until he met her…

Crystal wasn’t just another random. She was the first to deny him, put him in his place, and the one that held the power to tame this heartless bad boy.

Luca’s about to fall… and fall hard. #dramedy #adultfiction #soapopera #fallinginlove #jealousy #heartbreak

LUCA 2- Book 2 of the Romanoverse®

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Love is never easy for a Romano and Luca’s about to learn a lesson in what real love requires. He must face the bad decisions that have come back to haunt him and choose how to proceed, with secrets and lies or truth and understanding.

A mended heart can easily be rebroken.

SOFIA – Book 3 of the Romanoverse®

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“I was practically begging to be ravaged, but he was slow, his lips trembling, his breath audible as he slid his hand around the back of my neck, tilting my head up gently to meet his. There was no rush, no roughness- just sky blue eyes slowly lowering towards mine.”

Sofia- New York socialite, wife to Paulo Marino, and eldest sister of the infamous Romano family. She had it all, whatever she desired was hers.

And she was perfectly content, until now.

It’s the holiday season and she’s left alone once again, forced to face the cracks in her picture perfect life; the husband who’s never there; the home that’s always empty and the heart that never had a place in her marriage.

All this culminates when she has a chance encounter with her brother’s new neighbor. He’s a southern gentleman- shy, kind, and silly- the exact opposite of her and all the Italian men she’s been surrounded by. And that’s when Sofia feels it for the first time… love. The kind of love that makes you giddy, takes a hold of you, makes you irrational.

That country boy with a heart of gold is about to show this uptight city girl how great love can truly be. This will be a Christmas & New Year’s Sofia will never forget!

STEFANO – Book 4 of the Romanoverse®

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{ManxMan Romance} Italian, a Romano, successful, a little rough around the edges, and devastatingly handsome- Stefano had it all. At least that’s how it seemed…

Only beyond his handsome smile and rugged physique lie layer upon layer of guilt and pain. Ten years, an entire decade spent harboring guilt over his parents’ untimely death. Blaming himself for something completely beyond his control.

That immense guilt forcing Stefano to push aside who he really was, deny himself in order to uphold his family’s expectations, represent the Romano name, their company, their Italian heritage, respect his faith- his parents’ faith.

And he was keeping it all at bay, locking those feelings down- until he locked eyes with him….

But love is never easy for a Romano- guilt, a fiery temper, a fire tongue, impatience, uncertainty- all creating a perfect storm.

GIORGIA – Book 5 of the Romanoverse®

Coming soon in January 2021.

GAVIN – Incidental Cougar POV

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Gavin Romano. Too jealous, too possessive… but only because he loved too hard.

Raised by his eldest brother Luca, he’s been indulged in women and partying. Chicks were always readily at his disposal and love wasn’t on his radar, until he met Sadie. The lust was instant, the draw to her overwhelming- all consuming.

He couldn’t get enough but he didn’t know how to handle these new feelings. He was taught how to use women- not how to keep them around. But one thing was damn sure- he wasn’t going to let her get away and he sure as hell wasn’t going to let anyone take her away.

The Romanoverse is a spin-off of the Incidental Cougar series by Summer Leigh.

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