Stefano Romano book of the Romanoverse by Summer Leigh

Intro to Stefano

Stefano Romano: Middle child of the Romano siblings. Age 32 when Incidental Cougar Book 1 starts. Age 33 when his book starts.

Occupation: Head of Business Relations at Romano Investing.

Location: Upper West Side, Manhattan.

Zodiac Sign: Pisces.

Mini Bio: Tough mouth like his brothers, sensitive heart like Gavin. Spent years consumed by guilt, closing off his heart to what he truly desired.

After a self realization he finds the weights have been lifted and he’s ready to find happiness- well try at least. Years of hiding who he truly is has made a mark on him and it takes the help of another Mark to help him through it.

Where you can find snippets of Stefano’s backstory: Incidental Cougar 2 (New York chapters), Incidental Cougar 3 (Last 3 or so chapters), end of Incidental Cougar 4 (Christmas in New York and New Year’s in San Diego), Incidental Cougar 5. Stefano’s book starts during Incidental Cougar 4- New Year’s chapters.

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